About us

We are a small independent business based in Cheshire.  We trade at artisan and horticultural events in the North and Midlands, where we showcase our unique collection of cacti, succulents and pots

We use the finest organic coco compost enriched with slow release fertiliser and sustainably sourced top dressings.  All our plants are health checked before they leave us 

Our wide range of pots are sourced from all over Europe. Our stock is constantly being updated to include the very latest designs.  Please follow our instagram account where we will post new designs as soon as we receive them

Unfortunately, we can't post our pre planted pots as we can't guarantee a safe journey for them.  Instead, for those who can't attend our in person events, we offer a range of 'plant your own' kits online

We are always happy to accept commissions.  We also offer a re planting service and can either provide plants for your existing pots or re pot plants that need a new home.  If there's something in particular you'd like to discuss please contact us!